JL Fulks

Cold Mountain Stream

“Just give me that cold mountain stream, where I can throw dry flies on the water and drink a beer” Sage advice coming from JL Fulks in his new hit single Cold Mountain Stream. The southern Florida musician and Berklee College of Music attendee has been playing music and fishing from a young age and has no plans to stop either anytime soon.

From JL: “For anyone that wants to know how I got into fishing… I started fishing with my pops when I was very young but never took it seriously until two years ago. As a lot of you know I am a full time musician. I have traveled all over the US and have won awards with my music. I’ve played with many legends as well. There came a time where I became very overwhelmed by the negativity the music industry can bring and being road worn. I was desperately seeking something else to fully find myself in this world and bring me more joy. I had some good friends of mine back in my hometown Greenville, SC invite me to go kayaking down the Saluda River. I had never kayaked before and after one trip down that river I was a changed man. It also gave meaning to my song “The River” which charted in the blues charts back in 2016. A year ago I had the master guitar builder at Heritage Guitar take me bass fishing in Kalamazoo, MI. After catching about 25 Bass in one day I was hooked. I started combining kayaking and fishing on my off time and found something that I truly love. It’s something about the great outdoors that keeps me humble and appreciative of life. The challenges in fishing inspire me to become a better Angler and I’ve always have had a passion for making videos. That’s why I created Road Angler TV. I’m going to start bringing other well known musician friends of mine out to fish with me on Road Angler TV and show them how great it is to kick back and smell the roses.”


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