The Lost World of Mr. Hardy

The Beginning

While we may have missed this the first go-around, ten years ago, it’s a timeless story and film. The Lost World of Mr. Hardy is a documentary film on the handmade fishing tackle that was built in the House of Hardy. If you haven’t seen this, it’s available to rent or buy from the filmmakers, and worth a winter movie night when the rivers are blown or frozen over.

From Trufflepig Films: “Once upon a time people made things with their hands, beautiful cane fishing rods and exotic salmon flies. Hardy’s did this the best and were loved the world over. Adored by royalty, maharajas and film stars, they employed an army of craftsmen, made their own movies and brimmed with confident pride. But globalisation means their heyday has long gone. Do we mourn the loss of the handmade? Could it reflect a deeper need in our everyday life?

A documentary by Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelier celebrating quality, the longevity of the craftsman’s hand and the essence of angling.”


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