True Facts: Carnivorous Dragonflies

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Odonata And More

Spring is coming. With that, the hatching of many bugs like our stillwater favorites, the dragon and damsel flies is right around the corner. Ok, hold on, actually we should have probably subtitled this ‘All You Ever Wanted To Know About Odonata and Maybe Some Things You Didn’t’. Because who really needs to know that a dragonfly breaths out of it’s butt. But, it is pretty cool to see their proprietary butt propulsion, so I’d highly recommend carving a few minutes out of your busy schedule to learn about these sorts of things, and you know, you might even laugh out loud a bit, which is important.

We’d also like to imagine this video was narrated by Ron Burgundy.

You stay classy, entomologists…


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