International Year of the Salmon

Sir David Attenborough for Salmon & Trout Conservation

In case you needed your daily dose of Sir David Attenborough’s calming and elegant voice speaking up about the need to protect wild salmon, ever more important during this International Year of the Salmon, press play on the video above.

From the Salmon & Trout Conservation: “In this International Year of the Salmon (IYS), S&TC asked Sir David Attenborough for his views on the need to protect all populations of wild salmon. The following video gives a very clear message to Governments across the Northern Hemisphere that they need to act now if we are not going to lose the ‘King of Fish’ for ever!

Salmon & Trout Conservation will continue its current work on salmon farming reform and water quality, both vital issues affecting the health of wild salmon populations. However, the greater support we receive, the more influential we can be.

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