Captains for Clean Water

Skiff Stories Episode 8 from Hells Bay Boatworks

The most recent episode of Skiff Stories from Hells Bay Boatworks features some great archival clips of the Everglades in its original form, a magical and healthy ecosystem. But it’s waters were ditched, drained and diverted and swamps cleared for farmlands. And the ecosystem suffered greatly. Captains for Clean Water is fighting to save what’s left. Formed by fishermen with the goal to protect and restore the Everglades and keep Florida’s water clean and capable of supporting the life it once did.

“Hell’s Bay Boatworks was born from deep in the Everglades. The old-timers used to say it was “hell to get into and hell to get out.” So they built a boat that could.

To show their support for our mission, we have donated a 2019 Hell’s Bay Waterman Skiff that will eventually belong to one of you. We made this video to commemorate what this boat stands for.”


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