Captain Quinn and his Pet Chicken

Sometimes the YouTube algorithm blesses us, and sometimes it taketh away. The day we found Poncho was a blessed day.

Behold: perhaps the world’s most unique fishing buddy. She has talons, feathers, and a keen nose for fish (we think). Captain Quinn’s comedy, which premiered earlier this year, is a beautiful tribute to a fishy friendship between bird and man.

From video: “Fly fishing is an incredible sport enjoyed by men and women all over the world. Whether fishing for steelhead, tarpon, salmon, bonefish, swordfish, tuna, rooster tail, stripped bass, GT, snook, large mouth bass, small mouth bass or any other fish that swims in our oceans, lakes, rivers or streams, all fisher-folks owe a huge ‘thank-you’ to chickens and other birds all over the world. After-all we couldn’t tie fly’s without their feathers! And so ‘Poncho’ by Captain Quinn is an inspirational true story about a fisherman and his best friend fishing – a chicken. Let this cinematic masterpiece serve as a thank you and a tribute to chickens and other birds everywhere.”

For more fishing comedy and content, check out Captain Quinn’s YouTube channel. They post new videos every week!


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