In Search of Big Bulls

Following April Vokey and Katy Watson into the Backcountry

From FishingBC: “In B.C.’s mountains, not all streams can be reached by road. There are countless creeks, fed by glacial melt water, that drain from high places to mighty rivers in valley bottoms below. Of course, many of these ‘secret’ waterways have fish in them — often big fish. For April Vokey and friend Katy Watson from Northern Outback Adventures, the chance to explore one of these backcountry treasures by helicopter proved an opportunity of a lifetime. How often do avid anglers get a vague tip from a biologist about ‘monster fish on a pristine stream?’ How many times do fishermen have the chance to explore new water deep in the pristine backcountry of B.C.? Like all true adventures, the trip wasn’t easy; there were puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome. In the end, however, in the day’s dying minutes, they found what they came to find — big bull trout in an ancient waterway that had likely not been seen by humans for generations. ‘I would have liked more time at this spot just to see the full potential,’ said April. ‘The last 20 minutes really showed me that all the things I hoped this fishery might be — it really was.'”


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