The Fishin’ Musician

Hot Air Balloon Fishing with Jimmy Buffet

Welcome back to Scuttlebutt Lodge!

Gil Fisher may not have any clue how to fish for marlin or tarpon, Jimmy Buffett’s preferred prey, but he sure knows how to take trout fishing to the next level. Melonville Balloon Fishing charter, a fishing venture that is sure to “reach some heights,” takes the airborne angler over wild dogs (they might have been big rabbits) and trout ponds. With two miles of line and optional touchdowns if you need to squat in the woods, there can be no more elevated way to fish than with Gil, Jimmy, and Melonville’s balloons. It’s just like “being in an elevator!”

(A note for discerning sign readers: Melonville Balloon Fishing charters would like you to know that you “travel at your own risk,” “they are not responsible for loss of property…or life,” and “it is safe despite what this sign says.”)


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