The Line


The folks at TFFJ have been thinking about our dads this week. Some of us fish with them, some of us don’t. And even if we fish with them it’s not always fun. Dads are a special breed of person, after all. Whether it’s dad jokes, stoicism, a know-it-all attitude or refusal to let anyone else drive the boat trailer, days on the water can be quite the mixed bag. But this video of Tatum Monod and her dad show us what the good days look like.

From high-intensity free skiing to a season-ending injury on her tibial plateau, “The Line” is the story of a daughter and her dad learning from each other on the river. Whatever you’re doing this Sunday, and whomever you’re doing it with, may we all continue to learn the art of flexibility and patience just as Tatum and Peter do.


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