Why 50/50 on the Water?

The More Voices the Better

The latest video from Orvis’ 50/50 on the Water campaign is all about the importance of diversity on the river. “The more people we get involved in the sport, we’ll have a better chance of protecting the rivers, the fisheries,” explains angler and instructor Hyun Kounne. “Our voice will be louder.” With perspectives from other anglers like Hilary Hutcheson and Kelly Buchta, “Why 50/50 on the Water” shows the ways women are getting after it and getting others out there.

To support gals like Hilary, check out her shop Lary’s Fly & Supply and our article “Some Kind of Exotic.” And for more 50/50 action, head on over to their website, grab some gear, take some lessons, and remember to tag your adventures with #5050onthewater.  




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