Hank Patterson’s 8 Steps to Better Nymph Fishing

Any Idiot Can Nymph

“Do you know the difference between fishing with a nymph and fishing with bait? Nothing.”

This is a very serious video. Hank Patterson, with the utmost gravitas, will show you how to start nymphing, pick a nymph, place a bobber, and how to MEND IT-MEND IT-MEND IT-AND MEND IT OVER AGAIN.

If you’re a tl;dr kind of person, start the video at 2:13. But make sure to check out the rest of Hank’s other very serious videos. As his description explains, he is a “high school graduate, makes a hell of a nice pot roast and owns three copies of ‘A River Runs Through It’ on BluRay.” He also has an Instagram, podcast, web series, feature films, and groovy merch.


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