Fly Fishing Mystery Theater

A Throwback to the First Annual Simms Shoot Out Film Competition

An oldie but a goodie. Join Turd Furgeson, his name shamelessly stolen from SNL, as he sips from his Simms shot glass and shares his love for fishing.

From Beattie Productions: “Simms Fishing Products hosted the 1st Annual Ice Out Shoot Out video competition, where 4 groups of shooters were invited to Bozeman MT and given two and a half days to shoot, edit and deliver short film (6 min max). The rules – you could not leave MT, everything had to be shot within the two and a half day window, and it had to include the special prop… a shot glass with the classic Simms logo. We had a fun packed few days – and were able to produce this little piece with the help of the talented Charlie Conn.”


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