Poetry in Motion

The Maxine McCormick Story

We ran into Patagonia Ambassador and California Trout Field Reporter Michael Wier who showed us the teaser of a new documentary he’s working on. Maxine McCormick is certainly a worthy subject. The 15 year old world champion flycaster has been making waves in the competitive circuit and we’re excited to learn more about her journey in this new film.

From Michael Weir/Burl Productions: “Poetry in Motion is an artistic movie highlighting the inspirational story of Maxine McCormick. The story will follow Maxine as she started fly casting at nine years old, then after being taken under the wing of casting coach Chris Korich, went on to become a world fly casting champion at 12 years old then repeated the feet again two years later at 14 beating the best competition fly-casters in the World. Maxine has also won multiple other titles in the sport of fly casting including many regional tournaments. Maxine has gone on to become a great angler and spends lots of time on the water with her father Glenn and brother Toby fishing as a family. She is also very generous about sharing her talents with and mentoring youth in the sport of fly-fishing and fly casting. Sometimes all it takes is taking one kid under your wing and showing them your passion and taking the time to teach them and you never know what could happen.


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