Cody Richardson

30% of art sales to out-of-work fishing guides

Artist Cody Richardson is donating 30% of his artwork sales to help fishing guides whose seasons have been drastically reduced if not outright cancelled. Cody crafts custom fish-shaped designs covered in license plates, in all sorts of fish species and sizes. They’re pretty freaking cool and if you’re in a position to support artists and in turn out-of-work guides in the flyfishing industry, please check out Cody’s work and get in touch with him.

From Cody: “Guides are an innate part of anyone’s fishing journey. They work hard to master their home waters in order to put anglers like us onto the fish of our dreams. Now it’s our turn to help guides out in their time of need by giving back to those who have given us so many cherished fishing memories and experiences. Many guiding operations were about to start their respective seasons before the COVID-19 outbreak began, and many have lost most, if not all of their business for the start of this season.

Starting March 30th, I will be donating 30% of every Cody’s Fish piece sold directly to the buyer’s favorite fishing guide. This campaign will run indefinitely until the end of this COVID-19 pandemic when our favorite guides can get back on the water with clients to do what they do best.

Help us raise funds to support the fly guiding community! In order to keep our favorite guiding operations in business, Cody will be donating 30% of every piece sold to the buyer’s favorite fishing guide. Simply put your guide’s name and contact info in the “Special Notes & Requests” before adding the piece to your cart, and they will make sure the funds are disbursed. Let’s work together to help those who have created so many memories for anglers everywhere!”



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