(A place where one feels secure, from which one's strength of character is drawn)

From Trout Unlimited comes this wonderful story set in the high desert of New Mexico. A small community wrestling with its identity after the closing of a mine, the Rio Grande cutthroat restoration movement and the residents who call Questa home make this film shine brightly, like the hard working folks featured.

Additionally, find a photo essay from Josh Duplechain here.

From Trout Unlimited: “With support from Chevron Mining, Inc., the LOR Foundation, Trout Unlimited, and dedicated village leaders, Questa is building an economy based on outdoor recreation, traditional agriculture, and light industry. And though the finish line may be a ways off, the right pieces are falling into place, including a vibrant arts scene, the opening of a Questeño guide business and the Questa del Rio Colorado News, a monthly paper featuring creative takes on local events.
Before it could sell the world on its unique appeal, Questa has had to sell that appeal to itself. In restoring its church, Questa has remembered the vital importance of its traditional culture and the need to cherish and protect it as its economy evolves. Questa has rediscovered its mountains as cultural artifacts. The Rio Grande cutthroat trout that have fed its families and will generate tourism, the liquid snow that has darkened its alfalfa for cows, lambs and cabritos, these are culture too.
This is the Questa that Questa wants to be, for those who will visit and the sons and daughters who’ll come home.”


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