Soul River and Pacific Rivers

The new Frank and Jeanne Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary protects nearly 100,000 acres surrounding Steamboat Creek, a safe haven for North Umpqua wild steelhead. Working with local ecologists and biologists, Soul River has been organizing veterans and youth groups to lend restorative hands and immerse themselves in the magic of the wild fish and clean waters within the sanctuary.

Sanctuary explores the healing powers of wild places and rivers and the need to create more sanctuaries on public lands. Set against the backdrop of the North Umpqua’s most famous tributary, Steamboat Creek, which was recently designated as the Frank and Jeanne Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary, filmmaker Shane Anderson documents how these famed waters impacted Soul River, a group of veterans and urban youth as they learn about steelhead research by Pacific Rivers and meet conservation heroes Frank and Jeanne.”

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