Capitaine. What is Capitaine? It’s a fish with scales. With big scales. That are shiny gold like the sunrise and as marvelous as the sunset. On an African scale, Johann Vorster and his crew went flyfishing in Cameroon to find Capitaine. With African Waters guides leading the way and a cast of other conservationists and explorers, they searched for nile perch of massive proportion. And found them.

For more on the African Waters crew and what it’s like flyfishing in Cameroon, check out Nick Kelley‘s feature, Hovering In Earth’s Oven: Explorations In Cameroon from The Flyfish Journal Volume Eleven, Issue 2.

From the filmmaker Johann Vorster: “Imagine a fish so big that some call it the elephant of the river. Imagine it inhabited the waters of 1/4 of the African continent in vast numbers. Now imagine, that largely unseen to the developed world, a wave of humanity has reduced all the rivers and surrounding landscapes to skeletal remains.

But, right in the middle of it all, there’s a wilderness that has beaten the odds, a haven that is a window into the past of how all of Western Africa’s savannas once were. Journey with a group of fly fishermen to this very special oasis to witness an explosion of life, where the end-goal is to help protect it all through fly fishing tourism.”


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