The Pebble Tapes

Shady Ceo's Get Caught

On Monday, September 21st 2020, after months of undercover conversations with high level executives, the Environmental Investigation Agency released The Pebble Tapes, 12 tapes exposing plans for expansion of the Pebble Mine, Pebble Limited Partnership and Northern Dynasty Minerals internal attempts at influencing Alaskan government officials, and keeping plans for an additional three to four mines within the area secretive among other misleading statements and boasts.

The shady CEO’s of Pebble Limited Partnership and Northern Dynasty Minerals have been caught in their lies and misinformation to Alaskan Governors, Senators, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers representatives, Congress and the American people. Pebble Partnership CEO Tom Collier resigned just days after the tapes were released.

Take action and tell Alaskan senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski to stand up for the people of Alaska and take a stand against Pebble Mine via Defend Bristol Bay:

Take action and ask Congress to investigate Northern Dynasty Minerals and urge the Army Corps to deny the permit via Trout Unlimited:


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