Eating Sewer Salmon From the LA River

Lino Jubilado's Golden Nuggets

“People call them sewer salmon, Tijuana trout, gutter groupers, mud marlin, dumpster dolphin, I call them golden nuggets…” Lino Jubilado knows these fish well and loves the aesthetics of the L.A. River—littered shopping carts, graffitied underpasses—all part of the allure of urban carp fishing. Join Lino as he catches a few and demonstrates how he fillets and eats them, beer battered golden nuggets for sure.

For more on the carp of the L.A. River, check out Volume Eight, Issue One and Daniel Lopez’ feature As It Should Have Been; Carpinf for Change on the L.A. River.

From Munchies: “Lino Jubilado has been fly fishing in the Los Angeles River for over 40 years. Though most LA residents view the river as a polluted eyesore, to Lino, it’s a slice of nature’s paradise hidden within a big, bustling city. Amongst the trash and the concrete, Lino fly fishes for carp, bass and bluegill. But it’s the joy of catching carp that keeps Lino coming back to the river several times a week. Lino doesn’t usually eat the carp he catches from the LA River, but today is unusual.”


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