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Restoring Alaska's Eklutna River

3, … 2, … 1, fire in the hole. Watch the story of how blowing up the defunct lower Eklutna Dam means a river’s revival is within reach for southcentral Alaskans. For 89 years the abandoned dam in southcentral Alaska blocked the migration of wild salmon, diminishing the fishery.  The dam was successfully removed in 2018, re-connecting upstream habitat and kickstarting restoration of the river.  Learn more about the dam removal, and the effort to revive the fishery at

From Trout Unlimited Alaska: “As chronicled in the film, the abandoned lower dam that blocked salmon migration for nearly a century has been successfully removed. However, an upper diversion dam associated with the Eklutna Hydropower Project remains. This upper dam diverts all downstream flow, blocks fish migration and hinders use of the recently reconnected habitat. Right now, the legally required-mitigation process that will help make up for project’s impact to fish & wildlife is underway. Currently, the owners of the Eklutna Hydropower Project are finalizing their year 1 study plans, which will require approval by the Governor. The findings of this study will help shape and inform the outcome of the mitigation process.

Since the removal of the dam, Southcentral Alaskans have demonstrated sweeping support for returning appropriate flows to the river for fish and allowing fish passage around the upper dam so that salmon can make a full recovery. This will benefit of the Native Village of Eklutna, and all Alaskans.

A healthy, fully functioning future is possible for the Eklutna River, and it’s up to us to help make it happen!

After watching the film, we encourage everyone to pledge their support for restoration of the Eklutna River here. Pledge signers will be shared with the Utility boards, the governor, and other decision makers who can help make this vision a reality.”


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