The Nooksack River: Nature of Change

The Nature Conservancy

From The Nature Conservancy: This animated video was developed as a complement to the Floodplain Integrated Planning (FLIP) work underway in the Nooksack River basin. Starting in 2018, Whatcom County took the innovative and collaborative step to expand its Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Planning process to include management of the floodplain for ecosystem health, salmon recovery and viable agriculture in addition to flood hazard reduction. The FLIP Steering Committee is comprised of staff from Lummi Nation, Nooksack Indian Tribe, Whatcom County and Ag Water Board. To learn more, reach out to anyone from the Floodplain Integrated Planning Steering Committee at:

Credit List:

Animation by Lariat Creative
Illustrated by Bradley Lockhart and Elizabeth Kraus
Storytelling by Tammy Cooper-Woodrich


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