Costa Sunglasses’ Protect Report Highlights 35 Years of Conservation Efforts

The folks at Costa Sunglasses have been busy. Along with the release of their new Untangled collection—which features frames made from discarded fishing nets, one of the most harmful forms of plastic pollution in our oceans—this year Costa released their first ever “Protect Report,” a roundup of the last 35 years of the conservation and social efforts the company has spearheaded or supported. 

As any angler who has spent a sunny day on the water knows, a good pair of lenses is essential, whether you’re stalking bonefish on a bright, white sand flat or looking for mudding carp on a Columbia River slough. But sunglasses won’t do anyone any good unless the fish and their habitat are there to be enjoyed. 

The Protect Report highlights the lengths to which Costa has gone over the years to ensure the fish—and the fishing—will stick around. As noted in the report, initiatives led by Costa and its partners around the world have:

  • Cleaned 85 beaches across the U.S.
  • Educated 100,000 youth on ethical angling and conservation
  • Recycled 2.2 million pounds of fishing nets
  • Removed 90 tons of trash from beaches and coastlines
  • Eliminated 3 million-plus single-use water bottles
  • Revitalized 2 villages and ecosystems
  • Donated $125,000 to rebuilding coastal communities impacted by natural disasters and COVID-19
  • Supported all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The full report is worth a look and can be found here. 


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