Mighty Waters

We first heard of Ansil Saunders thanks to Brian Irwin, who sent us his story which ended up publishing in Volume Nine, Issue One. Fast forward four years and the powerhouse filmmakers at Cold Collaborative have brought Ansil’s story to life in moving pictures.

Presented by Simms, Costa and the American Museum of Fly Fishing, Mighty Waters, get it on your playlist.

Every island in the Bahamian chain has its own unique character, charm, and draw. One of the most overshadowed just so happens to be one of the smallest – and it is the home of a man whose life-long dedication to justice and equality inspired one of the most significant civil rights leaders in history. Born and raised on the island of Bimini, Ansil Saunders is not only one of the most revered guides in the Bahamas, he’s a bonefish legend in his own right. Unlike the skinny waters that surround his island home, Ansil’s story runs deep.

In the Cold Collaborative film, Mighty Waters, filmmaker Shannon Vandivier set forth with a clear and concise objective: To depict the life and philosophy of a living legend. Ansil’s humble, modest, and unassuming nature kept his story confined for far too long and for this reason, Vandivier felt overwhelmingly compelled to tell it. Through the lens, the goal of Mighty Waters is to convey Ansil’s powerful message of hope, peace, and humanity in a way that inspires and empowers. It’s a film that takes viewers on an eye-opening journey that proves profoundly positive impacts can come from the smallest, most unassuming places. Mighty Waters brings to life a real-world example of how we can move forward together.”

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