Imperfect Craft

Ben Engle's Printmaking Playground

Printmaker, artist and angler Ben Engle takes the same meticulous, curious and careful approach to everything he does. We first saw this in his unique long exposure photography gallery in Volume Five, Issue Four, which visually described the path of a fly throughout the casting motion. That was in 2014, and he’s never slowed down, as evidenced by this short film, Imperfect Craft from Zach Youngberg.

From Filmmaker Zach Youngberg: “Fly fishing and printmaking are what make up a large portion of Ben Engle’s life. Based out of Oakland, California he works full time at Lost Coast Outfitters in San Francisco. His love for printmaking and other forms of art give him an incredible outlook on fly tying and creating unique and effective patterns to fish the surf not only in the Bay Area, but waters across the globe. This is his story.”


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