Water Sabbath Chapter 1 – Spark

Chapter 1 - Spark

Every idea starts somewhere; a small moment of imagination, excitement, and inspiration that grows into something bigger. The journey begins when that spark lights one’s motivation and those first steps are taken. Many times the destination is yet unknown, the “goal” is not yet set. That’s fine, you hold hard to that spark and let it take you to the next stage, trusting your intuition and excitement.

For Jake, those sparks come from fishing waters new and old, catching a species he’s never caught or catching a smallmouth on the water he fished as a child. The same goes for art; the marks, forms, and compositions can be familiar, pulling from deeply seeded influences, or taking note of something new which shifts perception, thinking, and technique.

Wherever the motivation comes from, Jake is always seeking it out. It’s the step in the process that breaks inertia, and fuels a purpose focused on making the most of living.

Chapter 1 – Spark.
Music: Northern Hammer
Song: “Runestone”

Featuring | Jake Keeler

Cinematography | Mike Thienes

Aerial Footage | Steve Fines

Graphic Design | Ken Nyberg



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