Water Sabbath Chapter 2 – Grind

Chapter 2 - Grind

Swinging flies for Great Lakes steelhead is a low-odds game without a guarantee of landing a fish. It’s like taking that plunge into an empty 30” x 30” canvas, committing to the unknown and the long, grinding road ahead, without knowing for certain if the piece will come together.

In both cases for Jake, it’s not about the end result but about the process; the grind. Taking the longer road, the more difficult path, and the technique driven approach is all part of that process. To do it any other way would negate the purpose, and make the endeavor more like checking boxes vs. growing as an artist and angler.

But sometimes the composition snaps together on the first sketch, sometimes you swing up fish 3 casts apart. It happens. Most times though it’s a beautiful grind, where progress and meaning is found with every cross-hatched line and two-step progression of a run.

Chapter 2 – Grind.
Music: Flavor Crystals
Song: “Alpha Dawn”

Featuring | Jake Keeler

Cinematography | Mike Thienes

Aerial Footage | Steve Fines

Graphic Design | Ken Nyberg


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