Water Sabbath Chapter 3 – Joy

Exploring the home waters that Mike and Jake cut their teeth on is top of their list every Summer. Connecting with the same pockets, deep holding spots, boulders, runs, backwater eddies, and wet-wading paradises brings a sense of joy and connection that can only come from that ever desirable combination of nostalgia and consistent action.

Smallmouth are the target, taking streamers and top water flies the same way they did 30+ years ago; the familiarity of the quarry alongside knowing the water like that back of one’s hand is a well-earned position gained from fishing this place for so long.

It’s the same when it comes to drawing; Jake pulls from tried and true forms, colors, and compositions. Skulls, fish, leaves, water…these are all things pulled from memory and a lifetime of study. This reliance on the familiar connects past to present, and brings a sense of joy that can help balance out the grind. Just like a banner day of smallie fishing can balance out those inevitable days of getting skunked, a solid drawing of a skull can wash away a handful of thrown away sketches.

Chapter 3 – Joy.
Music: Abstract Artimus
Song: “When The Beast Is After Me”

Featuring | Jake Keeler

Cinematography | Mike Thienes

Aerial Footage | Steve Fines

Graphic Design | Ken Nyberg


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