Water Sabbath Chapter 4 – Search

If the process of making art, and casting for and catching fish are one side of the coin, searching for the next spark makes up most of the other. You can’t always go back to the same spot, draw the same thing, or go about the adventure the same way. There’s always an unknown run around the next bend, or a breakthrough by using a new form of media just waiting to be discovered.

Jake spends a good amount of time every year fishing new water, sometimes chasing new species. He’s also looking for new projects, new outputs and new channels for his artwork. Many of these adventures don’t develop any further than the exploration, but that’s OK – it’s part of the purpose. He knows that you don’t need to hop on a flight, then hop a helicopter ride, then hop on a yacht, and then hop on a skiff to find the next thing; it could be 15 minutes away, or maybe 4 hours. The search can happen in your backyard.

If searching new water or exploring new ways of making work causes discomfort and uncertainty, that’s OK. Jake embraces the failures, challenges, and wrong turns as part of the bigger picture. Sometimes though, fortune looks kindly upon an adventurous soul and the search becomes so much more than mere exploration.

Chapter 4 – Search.
Music: King Buffalo
Song: “Morning Song”

Featuring | Jake Keeler

Cinematography | Mike Thienes

Aerial Footage | Steve Fines

Graphic Design | Ken Nyberg



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