America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2023

American Rivers

From American Rivers Amy Souers Kober: “The Colorado River, Tooh in Diné Bizaad, is in deep crisis and needs our kindness, gratitude, and sacrifice to heal,” says Erik Stanfield with the Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department, in response to our naming the Colorado River’s Grand Canyon as America’s Most Endangered River® for 2023.

Indeed, all ten Most Endangered Rivers of 2023, announced today, need our kindness, gratitude, and sacrifice to heal.

The sacred and iconic Grand Canyon is already feeling the severe impacts of climate change and outdated water management. Unless we act collectively to protect the river, the damage to people, wildlife, and river health will be devastating.

And from the Ohio River to the Clark Fork, from the Chilkat to the Lehigh, from the Eel to the Pearl, America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2023 underscore the fact that our health and safety depends on the health of rivers.

The good news? Your action makes a difference. Rivers are remarkably resilient and we have a strong track record of turning endangered rivers into success stories.

So, follow the links below to learn more and find out how you can help. Support the local leaders on these rivers and donate to make an impact for rivers nationwide.”

Ten rivers, ten solutions. These are America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2023:

1. Colorado River, Grand Canyon (Arizona):  THREAT: Climate change, outdated water management

2. Ohio River (Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois):  THREAT: Pollution, climate change

3. Pearl River (Mississippi):  THREAT: Dredging and dam construction

4. Snake River (Idaho, Oregon, Washington):  THREAT: Four federal dams

5. Clark Fork River (Montana):  THREAT: Pulp mill pollution

6. Eel River (California):  THREAT: Dams

7. Lehigh River (Pennsylvania):  THREAT: Poorly planned development

8. Chilkat and Klehini rivers (Alaska):  THREAT: Mining

9. Rio Gallinas (New Mexico):  THREAT: Climate change, outdated forest and watershed management

10. Okefenokee Swamp (Georgia, Florida):  THREAT: Mining

TAKE ACTION: www.americanrivers.org/endangeredrivers


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