Kokkaffe Diaries

Trout or Trouts in the Forest Creek

From Rolf Nylinder: “A little mental health program I have started for myself.”

All important stuff from Rolf, and this new series he’s begun doesn’t stray from his previous works. As usual, it’s filled with a number of great quotes, some of which are below. As he’s working to stay positive, following along with the Kokkaffe Diaries is sure to help others also. Stay tuned, the second entry is already live, and there’ll be 8,000 more, according to Rolf.

“It feels so good to finish things that you start. And I rarely do that.”

“Oh, a fish. I’m going to film them for you. For you, for me. For my mental health.”

“And since I’m really bad at falling asleep, I thought I could go down here and make some coffee.”

“It’s such a beautiful ritual. Like you, find a cool place, make a little fire. And you get your cup of coffee.”

“I ah, I’m talking to, to the camera, and the camera is such a good listener.”




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