A Thousand Casts

Yeti Presents

An oldie but goodie, Felt Soul Media never disappoints, this time digging into Oliver White’s story in A Thousand Casts. From Yeti: “Throughout the course of Oliver White’s life fly fishing has been at the root of a series of once-in-a-lifetime events. What started as physical therapy led to the financial district, a business opportunity, and a near-death situation. His pursuit of fish on the fly now takes him to the mythical, magical country of Bhutan to do what he does best – figure things out.”

A Felt Soul Media Production
Directed by: Ben Knight + Travis Rummel
Producer: Travis Rummel
Editor: Ben Knight Principle
DP: Ben Knight
Additional Cinematography: Travis Rummel + Joey Schusler
Aerial Cinematography: Travis Rummel


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