At Outcast Camp

Fly Fishing is for Everyone

From Maine Public Borealis: “When you imagine opening a fishing catalogue, who do you see? In this next Borealis story, we’ll hear from people who seek to change representation in fly fishing through a coming together of identities.

Maine Public reporter Murray Carpenter heads on down to the Wild River in Bethel, ME to meet with organizers and guests of “Maine Outcast Camp,” a program hosted by the Confluence Collective. Attendees discover creative and informed ways of approaching how to tie a fly, and along the way, they uncover new things about themselves.”

Learn more about the Confluence Collective and their work at

Confluence Collective was founded by Bri Dostie in 2019. She is also a very talented artist, and a gallery of her artwork was featured in Volume Fourteen, Issue One. You can check out the full feature here.


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