Tight Loops

Chase and Aimee Bartee, the creative husband and wife team behind Tight Loops are back with a new adventure film In The Shadow Of The San Pedro Mártir. Knowing the quality of work this duo produces, get some popcorn ready, a nice warm blanket or sleeping bag and tuck in for the full film.

From Tight Loops: “In our third ever feature documentary film, we travel to the heart of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in search of one of the rarest trout on earth. Mexico isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of fly fishing for trout, but tucked away deep in the mountains is a rarely seen secret, wild native rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss nelsoni AKA Nelson’s Trout).

With the help of our new Toyota Tundra and Four Wheel Camper combo, we traverse northern and southern Baja from the mountains to the see in search of this illusive fish. We delve deep into the science, ecology, and history of the region, and discover that Baja has far more the offer than scorching deserts and quiet surfing beaches. Parental Advisory: This film contains a handful of explicit words. Viewers with young children please be advised!”


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