The DuMor

Packrafting the Yellowstone Backcountry

From Ian and Neil Provo: “Over the ages, trails emerged along the rivers and mountain slopes of the Absarokas, scratched in by the hooves of megafauna and paws of the bruins who chased them. Then came the humans. First were the nomadic hunters who pursued the abundant game. Followed by an era of fur trappers who, driven by European tastes for beaver hats, turned the waterways and mountain passes into a “Thorofare”. Around 2008, Forrest McCarthy, with the aid of modern equipment, completed a route and named it The Du’Mor’. My friend Jim Harris linked it up back in 2013 and said we should go. We finally did during the summer of 2020 as the globe went into lockdown. Never was there a better time to retreat into the grizzly bear order, to revel in the natural world. To survive or not. To float the rivers and walk the trails in the wildest corner, where the news was delivered by an eagle on the wing, a trout sipping slowly, or by a comet streaking through the cosmos.”


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