Incantation at Little Skookum Inlet

almost two years on I schedule time I meet her where the eagles glide the gulls cry and otters slip like mercury   the inlet empties a river summoned by the moon shofar of gravity ultimate power play laying bare the clam beds and oysters filtering pain and impurity—and more pain   the cutthroat gorge […]


On the island in the river, grasses flattened from animal sleep. Baskets emptied. Even so, I step around. Part willow switches, tilt at that same angle, then rejoin the current upstream. A killdeer wades. Persimmon leaves flash broadside in the pocket where I knew trout had been. Somewhere, a man’s body reckons to limestone. A […]


A dirty gray horizon splattered with pink. Holding back breath behind sun-cracked lips, vision strained to see through dark water. Scanning and exhaling slowly, tired eyes manifest black-tipped fins in the slick. Moving slowly from right to left as one, intent and electric, a low frequency vibrates through the flat. The pair pushes in on […]

The Important Things

For the second time in two weeks of my life I am flying over the Gulf of Mexico and wondering what it is I caught off the beach of Celestine Yucatan. Seatrout are out… Near shore lizard fish are in Triangular head with teeth Important things “Near shore Lizard fish” Not work Bonnethead shark, Cobia, […]


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