Net Pen Peril

As any Puget Sound flyfisher can attest, the region’s anadromous species, including seriously dwindling stocks of wild steelhead and chinook have taken too many hits over the decades: overfishing, hatcheries, gillnetting the rivers, urban runoff, loss of spawning habitat… And now this, in our own backyard: At around 4 p.m. on August 19, a net pen owned by Cooke Aquaculture […]

Repeal, Remove, Regret

above “Doug Roland and I left the ramp early on a chilly December morning, headed north from Charleston, SC, toward Cape Romain to fish some not-so-familiar water. Long runs in tiny skiffs are always a treat when the wind isn’t blowing, and this particular morning was very calm. Although we had hot coffee, the prospect of […]

Signs of Life – Enter Contest Below

Northwest Washington State’s Skagit River is home to a threatened wild steelhead population. “Signs of Life: Seeking Wild Steelhead on the Skagit River” tells the story of steelhead conservation on the Skagit through the flyfishers who ply its waters. Presented by 10 Barrel Brewing, supported by Patagonia, in collaboration with Trout Unlimited. Win a Patagonia […]


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