I Tried to Teach ChatGPT to Flyfish. It was a Disaster

As an English professor, I have always welcomed new communications technologies and writing tools in my classes. When blogs became a thing, I replaced papers in my class with blog posts, and the students did all their writing in that medium. Back when Twitter was still fresh and limited to 140 characters, in the salad […]

Have One, Leave One. Need One, Take One

The penny jar philosophy of convenience store checkout counters everywhere inspired Larry Littrell to stick a few flies to a gas pump in Oak Hill, FL. A tattered scrap of double-sided foam tape that once displayed a long-lost advertisement acted as a perfect makeshift fly patch. He didn’t expect that this one random gesture of […]

Shutterbuggin’ with Austin Coit

Shutterbuggin’ is a regular web feature where we chat with photo contributors, talking about photography, fly fishing and whatever else happens to come up. In our latest installment we caught up with photographer Austin Coit. The Flyfish Journal: Hi Austin, we love your work! Could you introduce yourself to our readers? Austin Coit: Hey, dude. Hell yeah, […]

Five Laws of Fish

First Law of Fish Fish in the river shall remain in the river unless acted upon by an outside force. Force of nature. Failure of dam. Flood. Famine. Kingfishers. Fortune favors the bold, but bold fish find hooks driven home. Talons in back, flopping through sky. Cold fish, warm fish, cod fish, fried fish, god […]

Shutterbuggin’ with Aaron Goodis

above Zak Banwel and Mike Ing gear up in hopes of tangling with a steelhead from the Vedder River near Chilliwack, BC. Selecting the right line, tip, leader length and fly are crucial to success when fishing for steel. Take your time, make a plan and get those knots right. From TFFJ 6.4. The Flyfish Journal: Hi […]

Talk Story

For 11 years now The Fly Fishing Film Tour, or F3T, has been bringing anglers together to celebrate all things fishy. What started out as small run of grassroots get-togethers at a few fly shops around the country, has grown into an international tour that showcases some of the most compelling filmmaking in fly fishing. […]

Shakedown Cruise

ABOVE “Brad Befus decorates the bow during a day when it all seemed to come together on the upper Colorado River. We threw big dries, streamers, little dries, nymphs—everything worked and there was glory all around.” Photo: Tim Romano It was a frigid morning on the upper Colorado River, with thick clouds piled up against the […]

Some Kind of Exotic

Above Photo: Copi Vojta   View Photo Essay   Exotic probably isn’t the first word the comes to mind at the mention of British Columbia, Canada. But, Hilary Hutcheson begs to differ. Hutcheson grew up in Montana’s Flathead Valley and as soon as she was old enough to drive she remembers feeling the pull of […]

Shutterbuggin’ With Kyle Zempel

The Flyfish Journal: Hey Kyle! Go ahead and introduce yourself for those who may not be familiar with your work. Usually, this ends up knocking out some standard ‘getting to know you’ type conversation and we can dive in to other stuffs. Kyle Zempel: My name is Kyle Zempel and I have somehow managed to […]


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