Invisible Restoration

When I was 10 or 12 years old, I watched my father destroy a 19th-century Meissen service plate, a tavern scene with scarlet reticulated edges trimmed with gold leaf. Our house was like a small porcelain museum—a midnight blue Limoges tray with the textured relief of a woman’s face emerging from delicate layers of pâte-sur-pâte; […]

Whistling Gophers

I was fishing with Mike Dvorak from Minnesota and Vince Zounek, my neighbor in Colorado, two friends of mine who knew of each other, but had never met before. I wasn’t surprised they hit it off. We all flyfish—which puts us halfway there already—and beyond that we’re just recognizable American guys of a certain vintage; […]

The End of the Season

Despite its storied history in such places as merry England and other parts of continental Europe, fishing for carp on the desert flats of the western United States has the feel of a uniquely American endeavor. Thus, photo editor Copi Vojta and I decided to end our carp season during the uniquely American symbolic end […]

Citizen Science

We’re from all over the Northwest and our life histories are just as diverse as the fish we love to chase. Dave tells stories from Kamchatka while others find parking spots along the highway. Toshi unwraps his Subway brunch. River dances around the parking lot annoying the dog like 8-year olds do. A group of […]


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