The Uncapturable

To attempt to capture the uncapturable is like solving a murder without any clues, suspects or witnesses. Most of the ocean’s wide breadth of life escapes our eyes. Think about that. Most of what the ocean produces we miss: it escapes us, our grasp, our understanding, quietly sinking under humanity’s radar. This, to some, is […]

Conflict and Resolution

Oliver Sutro wears many hats: he’s a filmmaker, photographer, artist and storyteller. He’s also a flyfisherman, and that’s what makes all the rest of it worthwhile.  Growing up in Los Angeles, he didn’t have the opportunity to learn to fish as a kid, but he daydreamed about adventures and spending time alone in nature. Now, […]

The King of Diamonds Holds a Tarpon: An Interview with Rob Benigno

Rob Benigno’s held either a pencil or a fishing rod in his hand as far back as he can remember. His mom used to give him stacks of computer paper, the kind with perforated edges, and let him go to town drawing all over them. On family trips to Canada, his grandfather taught him to […]

Free the Flow, Save the Salmon

A cartoon salmon hundreds of feet tall is projected in laser light on the face of the Grand Coulee Dam, one of the largest dams in the United States. It’s part of a 28-minute light show that takes place nightly throughout the summer. People on lawn chairs and blankets watch the show, as they do […]

Michi Meko

First published in Volume 14, Issue 2 of The Flyfish Journal In 2017, Michi Meko received a text message from a friend encouraging him to apply to an artist residency called Cabin Time. That year, the residency—which brought together creatives from a variety of fields in different remote locations each year—would be taking place in […]

Surrendering to the Flow with Harry Desmond

Harry Desmond spends over 200 days a year on the water, spring through fall. But during winter when he’s not out as often, he feels a bit disconnected both mentally and physically. He believes that nature has this way of keeping us centered when we let it. As owner and head guide for Berkshire Rivers […]

Implements and Approaches: The Art of Ryan Keene

If you’ve seen Ryan Keene’s artwork, you probably remember it. It’s energetic and vibrant, full of splashes of color and splatters of ink. Based in Pittsburgh, and with roots in Massachusetts and Maine, Keene paints complex and layered images of fish, flies and other wildlife. Keene studied sculpture, painting and printmaking at the University of […]

Ink Fishing

The buzz of a tattoo machine and the murmur of a river current have a similar vibe. Drew Wilson has spent as much time as anyone immersed in these sounds. If you’ve ever scrolled #fishtattoo on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Drew’s work (@drewlr). His tattoos are vivid and bold, and because he freehands each one in […]


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