First published in Volume 14, Issue 3 of The Flyfish Journal As a child,  I was convinced the dock at our family’s lake house was the epicenter of all fish activity. My evidence was an arching mulberry tree that overhung the bank and dropped its dark-purple fruit into the water, coaxing fish to swarm in […]

The Queen of Central Park

The queen of Central Park was enormous, an aged creature from a long time ago. All the other carp got out of her way and kissed her ass. She was swimming along the darkened windows of the Boathouse restaurant, closed for the pandemic. I watched her dark yellow flanks sway from side to side and […]

Stop Dreaming and Start Living

River Island Ranch began with a simple idea: there’s no need to daydream about Gold Medal trout water if you’re living on it. Nestled discreetly along the upper Rio Grande River near South Fork, CO, the properties at River Island Ranch—which range in size from a few cozy acres to up to 30—provide an opportunity […]

Everyone’s Water

My friend Duncan mentioned “urban fishing” when he invited me to Sheffield, England, and in my mind’s eye I saw the river I grew up on in Yarmouth, ME, though a bit more Shire-like. My childhood was spent on the Royal River, a stream that—like Sheffield’s Sheaf and Don rivers—held a few reminders of its […]


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