Photo Essay

Stuck in the Weeds

Though the term “bushwhacking” might initially call to mind images of grueling humps through brush-choked, trailless forest with nothing aside from a faint game trail for guidance, in this day and age, when everyone, everywhere just wants to get away from everyone else, everywhere else, I wonder if the term could use a bit of […]

Eclipsing the Epic

Somehow, we scored the best camp, the one right on the water. So close we thought of making casts from our vehicles. In the mornings and afternoons while breaking for meals we’d sit on shore in camp chairs and fire BB’s across the water at the beer cans hanging in the willows that we placed […]

Carp Ballet

With the ranger on full patrol, you pass up the manicured state park experience. Sleeping in a dirt lot on the side of a quiet county road is more attractive. You don’t need sites #14-27 or the neighbors’ campfire smoke or weekend park smells. You find the hobo camp, the unpaid fringes. You don’t need […]

Oman is Open

A pronouncement that you’re going flyfishing in Oman usually elicits a “that sounds rad,” followed by a lengthy pause and finally a quizzical, confused expression. “Wait—where is Oman again?” And that, for the geographically challenged (which, let’s be honest, is most of us) is an entirely legitimate question. above Oman offers loads of tantalizingly beautiful and […]

Skagit Spring

If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself knee deep in a slow push of un-fished water, half meditating and half hunting, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone and you’ll hope in your heart that a bright fish, not long from the Pacific, could have paused there during its upstream journey. That fish would have been away […]

BahamaCon 2017

View Feature It is a two-ocean kind of day. I look out the right window, early in the morning staring at the Pacific as we leave Los Angeles. Banking south and to the east, there are the Channel Islands. After a turbulent McMuffin breakfast, things veer towards an armrest fight/tray table love song sort of morning. […]

Looking For Ponies

So we made a report. Maybe not that good of one, but it is better than chasing one. If you were to back out of this report-making trip, you’d probably think to yourself, ‘G­­lad I didn’t follow those jokers’. And that’s fine, one less person to share the water with. It is fishing and I’m […]

BahamaCon 16

ABOVE PHOTO Copi Vojta   VIEW PHOTO ESSAY   Growing up Catholic, I never really “got” the notion of purgatory. What was it? A place of rest? A timeout? That middle ground between life and death? Almost heaven? Almost hell? Both? It’s a nebulous concept and it’s hard to understand. The sanctioned explanation is that […]


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