How to Think About Bob Clay

The legend of Bob Clay is already well established: He’s one of the finest bamboo rod builders and steelhead fishermen on earth. To cast one of his cane spey rods is to feel the rhythm of nature. To fish with him is to learn and understand nuances of the steelhead world you probably never even […]


“Lightning in a Bottle” Sometimes you just don’t know how the words you put in a story will ultimately play out. Sometimes, after they print, you want to take them back. And sometimes, you realize you nailed it right away, and years later… well, they’re even more spot-on. When Roy Tanami and I originally wrote this […]

Brown Trout and Lobster Rolls

I bite into a lobster roll—a perfect hoagie full of meat so tender and flavorful that I have to force myself to chew and swallow before taking another bite. The accompanying bacon dill potato salad is so damned good that I can’t make up my mind what to bite into next. Kettle chips, gourmet pickles […]


This article first appeared in volume twelve, issue one of The Flyfish Journal. It’s almost midnight as I leave a Death Cab for Cutie concert, traveling north from Seattle and sitting shotgun in a 2008 Ford pickup, a seat more often occupied by a shorthaired pointer and a Boston pug. At the wheel is the band’s […]

Salmon, Science and Storytelling

Charles Post remembers being lifted, as a kid, by his dad over a barbed wire fence so that he could go catch salmon. The creek behind his family’s Marin County, CA, home had been converted to a storm drain by the Army Corps of Engineers, putting the coho that resided in it in peril. The […]

Alvin Dedeaux

This article first appeared in volume eleven, issue three of The Flyfish Journal. “With a name like Erik Ogershok, you have to be a metal singer,” Alvin Dedeaux says just before he drops a streamer into the water. “I mean come on, it’s perfect.” We’re on the Colorado River, near Austin, TX, and Dedeaux is waxing poetic […]

Stories Etched in Wood

Winter’s night presses down on the Teton Valley of eastern Idaho. Headlights twist and beam through a storm of thick flakes, slick roads and rising snowbanks. I pull off Highway 33 and down a stranger’s driveway for a Craigslist deal—I need to unload some winter gear on my way home from work in Jackson, WY. […]

Searching for Sheridan

My first copy of The Curtis Creek Manifesto was given to me by an old professor. He wasn’t much of a fisherman, but he knew about such things. I told him I’d taken up flyfishing, and he went looking for something in his shop. He stopped rummaging long enough to give a lecture on the […]

The Point

The magnificence of the Eastern Sierras can never be truly conveyed. The valleys enchant you to follow them to their end, the mountains taunt you from the valley floor and the rivers whisper trouty secrets into your ear. This is where you will find Matt Arciaga, one of the world’s most sought-after hook makers. But […]


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