First published in Volume 14, Issue 4 of The Flyfish Journal The African night stretched to infinity beyond the tip of my 12-weight. Our fourth night wading this untamed beach had yielded nothing but a steady stream of blood leaking from my right heel, the rich plasma broadcasting my presence to patrolling sharks like an […]


Darkness washes along the latitudes, 760 feet per second. It approaches from the west, rolling over the Bering Sea and the Kamchatka peninsula before crossing the sea of Okhotsk and tumbling over eastern Siberia. Darkness falls over tigers in the Sikhote-Alin mountain range and musk deer on the Russian tundra. It unfurls over the vast […]

One Day: Deschutes River

Columbia river steelhead are struggling. That’s old news. They’ve been having a rough go of it for a while now. Since Whitey showed up, really. But, the numbers out of the Big C and it’s feeder rivers are especially sad this summer. Unprecedented, say some officials. Early summer counts were putting just 4,000 steelhead past […]

Cue The Tango Scene

ABOVE PHOTO Bryan Gregson I have forgotten my earplugs and there are children on the plane. There are always children on the plane. I glare at their mothers and fathers. I know I should have planned better, but they, too, are certainly lamenting their lack of long-range vision. Unless you live there, Argentina always begins in an […]


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