Water Reportage

Late, As Usual, to the Mickey Dees


There was the occasional riser, but Charlie’s success came from the smallest midge in his box paired with plenty of split shot.

Slow fishing today, though Charlie caught a nice rainbow–pretty in its deep colors of winter. It took a black size 20 midge bounced along the bottom.

First time on the river with Charlie, or anybody else really, since the start of the pandemic. It felt good and normal. We caught up Friday night with a year’s worth of Jim Beam and pipe smokes. Standing in icy water helped cure the hangover.

Cold morning turned beautiful day, with some small bugs coming off by early afternoon. (Mental note: learn more about bugs.)

Don’t know this stretch of river well. Lots of people out there, stacked up casting into every possible hole. I wished they were just another 50 feet further away. They wished the same of me.

Got off the water late, and Charlie was in trouble when Stacia picked him up at the McDonalds. I’ll take the blame, but is there really blame to be had? Fishing, like a pandemic, destroys the concept of time.

“I’ll have a 4-piece McNuggets, small French fries and a man in pajama pants, fresh out of the river.”


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