The Important Things

Frederick Sears' iHaikus

For the second time in two weeks of my life I am flying over the
Gulf of Mexico and wondering what it is I caught off the beach of Celestine Yucatan.

Seatrout are out…
Near shore lizard fish are in
Triangular head with teeth

Important things
“Near shore Lizard fish”
Not work

Bonnethead shark, Cobia, Blacktip Shark, bait flung
Onshore breeze, Surf, Deceivers, cast
Aged parents Florida Spanish Mackerel this year (sore shoulder)

Beer in SeaTac was $14 O’hair $9
Bad iPhone missed computer training
Fishing seems best morning tides empty beaches

Prison warned of your release
Death threats
All fish have teeth here
Changed the will she’s beneficiary now

“In fourteen months I only smiled once…” – Bob Dylan
My face hurts from sunburn and smiling

One, two, three
The common vulgarity, accelerate punch
Onshore breeze cast

Serenely casting in dawn light
All these fish have sharp teeth spines
Forehead red like dawn vacation

Thong blisters and cut feet
Twenty-pound hard mono works
Gulf Azure fish all have sharp teeth

Unprepared 20th parallel Mexico Yucatan
Fishing an unknown surprise is the adventure
Verde, Azure, Cobalt, Silver fish


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