Water Reportage

Wader Leaks and Casting Tips

Species: Steelhead

Date: February 

Location: Western Washington

No fish.

My buddy had to bail for adult things. Waders are leaking pretty good now. Kind of busy. Saw four sleds, four drift boats and one raft, only one of which floated right over the water I was going to fish.

A flyfishing guide in a metal drift boat parked across the river was doing a great job of coaching up his clients. I eavesdropped a bit and might have picked up some casting tips.

Saw the fish ranger; he called me “boss” so I bossed him right back. Said he wanted to fish the upcoming drop on Thursday or Friday but he couldn’t. Said a bunch of fish were around last week. Said the gear boats cleaned up, seven for one of ’em, but the fly guys got a few too.

There was what looked to be a few blue wings floating past. Maybe that’s the key.

Drove up river to check out the road closure. Big wash out just past the old junkyard spot we used to fish. Gonna be closed for a while.

Left early to watch the Wildcats lose.

I’d do it again and might on Tuesday if it holds shape.


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