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RisesTake Three Hail Marys and
Call Me Tomorrow

MastheadMorning Unconstitutional

Editor’s NoteBass Level Midnight
Words: Jason Rolfe

ContributorsWork Smarter, Not Harder

CutbankPair of Jacks
Words: Ryan Brod

CutbankKnight in Soviet Armor
Words: Bridget Moran

ARTIFACTThe Manikin 25: From Cigars to Soft Hackles
Words: Tom Darling

OPEN WATERVicarious Ties
Words: Josh Mills

CUTBANKBluegill Tallies
Words: Erin Spaulding

CONFLUENCEOde to True Power
Words: Jim Hepworth

CONSERVATIONMissing the Mangroves:
Saving Louisiana’s Coast
Words: Lucas Bissett

TailoutDueling Steelhead Bums


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