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Don’t Forget the Antihistamine

MastheadImproved Gordian Knot

Editor’s Note
In Praise of Inefficiency
Words: Jason Rolfe

ContributorsGetting the Wrong Things Right

ArtifactThumb, Meet Nose
David Bascom’s Flyfishing Satires
Words: Jason Rolfe

CUTBANKThe Bomber and the Brook Trout
Words: Stephen Sautner

OPEN WATERNighthawks
Words: Copi Vojta

Clouser #4
Words: William Scruggs

CUTBANKA Guide Walks Into a Bar
Northern Pike and the Last Laugh
Words: Alex Collier

CUTBANKFlies in the Water
Words: Jess McGlothlin

CUTBANKI’ve Got a Spot for You
The Slam Master of Wyoming
Words: Erin Spaulding

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