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RisesAbout to Get Biblical

MastheadJungle Tarpon Two-Step

Editor’s NoteThe Optimistic Pipe Dream
Words: Jason Rolfe

ContributorsBlack Belt in Trout Setting 

CutbankTwo For the Show
Words: Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate

CutbankThe Bank
Words: Mike Tea

OPEN WATERObsessions
Words: Rhett Dotson

CONFLUENCEIncantation at Little Skookum Inlet
Words: Anne Landfield

CONSERVATIONHow to be Annoying and Save Endangered Fish
Words: Kim McDonald

OPEN WATERConfession Fish:
Red is the New Green
Words: Val Kropiwnicki

CUTBANKIn Praise of Strangers
Words: Tom Darling

TailoutBrotherly Loveseat



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