“The ‘little’ lake, shown here in southern Ohio, is about 200 yards from the ‘big’ lake. As kids, Spencer Hunt (pictured, right) and I would follow our dads around the two lakes as they taught us how to fish. We were about of the size of Spencer’s son Connor (left). You can walk around the little lake in a pair of flip flops, but we usually fish the big lake from a jon boat. It’s still some of the finest bass and bluegill water I can imagine.” Photo: Jeff Forsee

Editor's Note

Department of Fish and Games

This spring, the mother of my son’s best friend invited us to join them at a “Family Fish-In” at a local youth-only fishing pond. The event—hosted by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, local fishing clubs and Cabela’s and Zebco—is billed as an opportunity for kids to “explore fishing information, water safety, and more.” 

My son, Carver, and I had attended the “Family Fish-In” a couple years ago, when he was 4. It started off well-enough. Our assigned fishing time was 10-11 a.m., and we arrived early to register and sit through a water safety presentation by a brusque elderly gentleman (i.e., Wear a Life Vest in a Boat). Each kid was given a push-button rod and a Dixie cup with a few dirty worms wriggling in the bottom of it…  

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